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Top Benefits of ServiceNow

Streamlined and improved processes

ServiceNow standardizes all information about IT assets and business services through its configuration management database. Only a small amount of configuration is required to get it up and running – and about 75% of your work is done once it's set up. Its open infrastructure means you can plug it into different systems or processes.

Business tool integration

ServiceNow provides a suite of automation tools that can be customized and fully integrated to connect IT operations management to performance analytics, HR service delivery, customer service management, risk and compliance management, and more.

Increased productivity

Automation and operational visibility improve processes for service requests, incident management, procurement, and onboarding so that operational staff along with support teams such as IT can work more effectively, making your business more productive.

The platform also reduces delays and disruptions, because tasks can be automated to notify personnel and even fix problems before they affect customers.

Return on investment

Forrester Consulting’s 2019 report on the "total economic impact" of ServiceNow to customers showed that its return on investment was worth as much as 229% besides £3.4 million in infrastructure savings. Designed for enterprise businesses, this cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service can be easily scaled across multiple networks and supports high transaction volume and department-level workload.

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