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What’s New in HR Service Delivery Quebec Release?

HR Service Delivery

What’s New in HR Service Delivery Quebec Release?

Earlier this year, ServiceNow released its latest version called Quebec. This version is boasting a ton of new HR Service Delivery (HRSD) features with a major focus on some critical integrations that will now be available out-of-the-box. Let’s take a look at some of the new HRSD functionalities that you can employ with the Quebec upgrade.

HRSD Integrations

Creating custom integrations is a complex and extremely time-consuming undertaking and just as tedious to maintain. Most companies have an existing Human Resources Management system that serves as their system of truth storing their employee data across global locations. In order to be able to use ServiceNow HR case management and other HR modules, the employee data needs to be pulled and stored in ServiceNow. As the employee journey continues there will be numerous updates made to their HR profile – as their HR requests are processed and fulfilled in ServiceNow. These HR profile updates can then be pushed into the company’s system of truth for seamless employee data management. As part of the HRSD Pro and HRSD Enterprise packages the integrations below can be activated directly from the ServiceNow Store.

HR Service Delivery integration with Workday – With this integration, Workday tasks can be pulled into ServiceNow and made accessible through the Employee Service Center. Employee profiles can be synchronized from Workday to ServiceNow as well as manage employee transactions across benefits, payroll, and much more directly in ServiceNow. The Workday HR Spoke is automatically activated with the activation of this integration from the

ServiceNow Store.

HR Service Delivery integration with Microsoft Teams – Integration with MS Teams will allow for seamless navigation across ServiceNow and Teams for employees and is a game-changer for HR agents. Easy collaboration between agents and employees will lead to faster resolution of cases by initiating a chat directly from HR Agent Workspace and quickly moving from chat-to-call if needed.

HR Service Delivery integration with Workplace from Facebook – The first third-party integration for employee campaigns enabling communications teams to publish and schedule targeted comms directly from ServiceNow to open and closed groups in Workplace.

HR Service Delivery integration with Cornerstone – Companies using Cornerstone as their Learning Management System (LMS) can now leverage this integration and use ServiceNow as their front-end user experience interface. All to-dos and learning tasks can be pulled from Cornerstone and made accessible through the Employee Service Center.

Listening Posts

With the HRSD Enterprise package, you can take the employee service experience to the next level by activating the Listening Posts plugin from ServiceNow Store. Create quick and easy pulse surveys to capture employee touchpoints based on business objectives. These surveys can be delivered from Listening Posts or Content Automation or Content Delivery applications. Gathering feedback in moment will help improve employee experience and HR Service Delivery. System generated notifications can be used to notify users when a pulse survey is assigned to them and their responses can be captured securely by creating response sharing rules for target audiences and keeping the user information anonymous.

Pulse survey metrics can be used to visualize and gauge overall employee experience based on a variety of parameters like department and locations and improve on the identified problem areas.

Journey Accelerator

Available with the HRSD Enterprise package, the Journey Accelerator app will help drive business value and enhance efficiency for employees with managerial roles. The New Hire onboarding experience for the managers will be raised to a whole new level. Managers will be able to create personalized onboarding journey plans and to-dos for each employee by building role-based templates. They are also able to track progress and assign mentors.

Managers, employees, and mentors will be able to collaborate on plans right from the Employee Service Center. Employees can view their plans and work their assigned to-dos. Mentors can also modify the plans and track progress. This app can be leveraged through other key employee transitions such as transfers, promotions, offboarding, and more.

Universal Request

Available with the HRSD Pro and HRSD Enterprise packages, the Universal Request is a whole new way of creating employee workflow that will allow agents to seamlessly transfer service requests across departments while offering a unified service experience for employees. To learn more about the Journey Accelerator app and Universal Request, and how Rede can accelerate your journey to HRSD implementations, follow our page for more blogs.

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