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Your BespokeDevelopment Company

Invest in bespoke software development with a trusted partner, offering strategic planning and understanding of your needs to provide you with a tailor-made solution. From start-ups to enterprises, we support businesses with world-class tech.

We provide an Agile team at your disposal : (1) Extended team Model - Reinforce your in-house team with professionals you lack. By hiring a tech partner, you don’t need to build your own, in-house team. But what if you already have one, but you lack a specific role for this one project?

If you grow a product, develop a new feature, scale your operations, you might need some extra help. For projects where it’s not viable to hire another person to fill a gap, consider the extended team model.

Like with IT outsourcing, you need to find a software house with a team of professionals ready to join your project. This time, however, you don’t need to hire their entire team – only the roles you lack at your team. Discover the advantages of this approach.

(a) Access to the top international talent pool (b) Control the hiring process to match your desire (c) Motivated and invested developers (d) Flexibility and transparency managing your resources (e) Transparent and efficient payment model

(f) No-hassle setup and operations

(g) The key benefit: an easy start with high scalability

An extended development team with Rede Consulting Services: Your on-demand dream Servicenow team

Please note: We can appoint our own representative to provide additional support. For example, our project manager can step in at any time in case you need help solving an issue or setting up an efficient collaboration within the team.

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