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People with Passion


Governance, Risk, and Compliance


  • Policy and Compliance Management

  • Risk Management

  • Audit Management

  • Vendor Risk Management

  • Operational Risk Management

  • Use Case Accelerators

  • Performance Analytics

  • Business Continuity Management

Delivering Governance, Performance, Risk & Compliance
On A Single Platform

REDE Consulting with Exclusive focus on ServiceNow, helps amplify your potential to automate, modernize and transform enterprise-wide processes, compliance and security to deliver smart, intuitive experiences for your employees and customers. Engage with us to manage your ServiceNow delivery, security, compliance and automation landscape, to create productivity savings and efficiencies you need to drive innovation across the enterprise service experience continuum.

WE offers a unique combination of strategic expertise, innovative technological knowledge and agile methodology.

Our mission is “To Work with you – To Create Extraordinary ServiceNow Experiences.”

​REDE Consulting does this by providing ServiceNow Consulting, Implementation, Integration, Optimization, Configuration, Development and Managed Services to help its global enterprise clients, optimize their ServiceNow investment and transform the way in which they work.

We help global enterprises build their 'Extended ServiceNow Team' with Zero CAPEX and 40-60% cost saving. 


ServiceNow for us, is about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH


We have good experience and exposure of helping companies of all sizes to implement the Now Platform for the first time or optimize an existing installation.  Rede Consulting can help change the way you work using the Now Platform.

We - Consult, Implement, Configure, Integrate, Optimize, Enhance, Develop & Support. 


Our approach combines simplicity with sophistication to meet customers today's as well as tomorrow's needs by providing them the technology expertise with the help of talent available in East Europe & India.  

Respond to business risks in real time. Connect security and IT with an integrated risk program offering continuous monitoring, prioritization, and automation.

Business Brainstorming

+- Premier Managed Services  

Make your organization more efficient, resilient, and sustainable through our Premier Managed services to companies who own ServiceNow.

Our Managed Services team is a collection of highly experienced, certified & motivated professionals ready to serve you and your ServiceNow needs. We cover the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to large firms - and can also tailor them to satisfy your specific needs.


Get in touch with us NOW, to learn how Rede Consulting can help your ServiceNow future success.

+- Your Extended Team   

Capitalizing On The Extended Team Model, New Alternate to Outsourcing.

Extended Team Model is a form of outsourcing strategy wherein the offshore in-house team is augmented or extended by a virtual team of developers. The key competency remains with the core in-house team and any skill gaps in the core staff are bridged by the extended team.


Whether you need experts or a kick-start to enhance your company’s instance, we can help,


Get in touch with our Team NOW, and learn how Rede Consulting can help you build Extended Team at Zero Capex with assured 40-60% saving

+- Implementation Services  

For implementing ServiceNow we have our 

proven methodology to ensure the solution meets all requirements. Comparing the out-of-the-box functionality of the ServiceNow tool with the thoroughly discovered needs of our customer, 

We help customers to maximize the benefit of ServiceNow products during their deployment. This helps to realize their business value quickly and provide a solid foundation for future development. Applying proven implementation best practices helps to avoid overwork and to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Get in touch with us NOW, to learn how Rede Consulting can help your ServiceNow future success.

Ready to get started with ServiceNow Security, Compliance and HyperAutomation?

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