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ServiceNow compliance solution for Healthcare industry

Healthcare companies today face an ever increasing burden of managing risks and complying with myriad regulations. Specific business challenges include:

  • Increased regulatory and compliance pressures

  • Higher degree of privacy standards and requirements

  • Managing cost reductions and patient payment challenges

  • Generic medication safety issues

  • Increased frequency of unforeseen costs such as medical malpractice issues and worker compensation

  • Increased shortage in skilled professionals such as doctors and nurses

It is in this environment, that Chief Risk Officers and Chief Compliance Officers need to operate effectively and efficiently. Specifically, the risk and compliance functions require solutions that:

  • Ensure compliance with myriad regulations across multiple geographies within cost and time constraints

  • Create a single, integrated view of risk and compliance across the organization

  • Link risks to root causes, events, hazards and other elements of governance, risk and compliance

  • Contain fraud, malpractice and false claims

  • Reduce risk in supply chain

  • Consolidate audit management for diverse processes

Rede's ServiceNow Governance, Risk and Compliance Management solutions helps healthcare organizations make their risk and compliance initiatives more effective and efficient.

  1. It enables healthcare companies to:

  2. Implement Enterprise Risk Management best practices

  3. Create a single, integrated system of record

  4. Provide real-time visibility

  5. Comply with Health, Safety and Environment

  6. Whistle blowing and Case Management Audit Management

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