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ServiceNow IRM/GRC offering by REDE.

REDE Consulting a pure play ServiceNow company, offer's ServiceNow IRM (Integrated Risk Management) and GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) provides a range of expertise and support related to the ServiceNow platform in the context of risk management, governance, and compliance. Here are some common offerings provided:

  1. Implementation Services:

  • Assistance in setting up and configuring ServiceNow IRM and GRC modules to align with the organization's specific needs.

  • Customization of the platform to address unique risk and compliance requirements.

  1. Assessment and Planning:

  • Risk assessment and analysis to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities within the organization.

  • Development of a comprehensive plan for implementing ServiceNow IRM and GRC solutions.

  1. Integration Services:

  • Integration of ServiceNow IRM and GRC with other enterprise systems, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), or other relevant tools to streamline processes.

  1. Custom Development:

  • Development of custom applications or modules to extend the functionality of ServiceNow IRM and GRC, addressing specific business requirements.

  1. Risk Management Consulting:

  • Advisory services for developing and implementing effective risk management strategies.

  • Support in defining risk appetite, risk tolerance, and risk mitigation plans.

  1. Compliance and Governance Services:

  • Assistance in establishing and maintaining compliance with industry regulations and standards.

  • Implementation of governance frameworks to ensure that organizational policies align with industry best practices.

  1. Audit and Assurance:

  • Conducting audits to assess the effectiveness of the ServiceNow IRM and GRC implementation.

  • Providing recommendations for improvements based on audit findings.

  1. Continuous Improvement:

  • Ongoing support and maintenance services to address issues, implement updates, and ensure the system evolves with changing business needs.

  • Continuous improvement initiatives to enhance the maturity of risk and compliance management processes.

  1. Reporting and Analytics:

  • Design and implementation of reporting and analytics capabilities to provide insights into risk and compliance metrics.

  • Customization of dashboards for monitoring key performance indicators.

REDE's ServiceNow IRM/GRC consulting services aim to help organizations optimize their risk management and compliance processes by leveraging the capabilities of the ServiceNow platform.

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