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Where Does AIOps Fit into the Modern IT Environment?

When looking at AIOps for the first time, it is not immediately obvious how it fits into existing tool categories. This is because AIOps does not replace existing monitoring, log management, service desk, or orchestration tools. Instead, it sits at the intersection of these domains, integrating information across all of them and providing useful output to ensure a synchronized picture is available.

These tools are valuable in their own right, but it's hard to access the right piece of information at the right time. Hard-coded integration logic struggles to keep pace with the rate of change of modern IT environments. AIOps provides a much more flexible approach to assembling all of these different partial views into a single comprehensive understanding of what is actually important for IT Ops teams to know about.

As such, an AIOps platform plays the role of organizing and integrating what an organization’s domain-specific IT monitoring and management tools do, intelligently integrating the stack’s functionalities. The AIOps platform acts as the brain that brings together these tools, and becomes a coordinating, central layer.

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