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Working from Home, Remote Work Tips

In uncertainties such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs and business owners face a dilemma of whether to embrace remote work methods or not. In this article, Rede Consulting team describe how they adapt and move forward despite the recent crisis.

Nothing could have prepared us for this situation. Most people were living the fast-paced cycle that sometimes, it has become a routine. Then all of a sudden, humankind is threatened with a faceless enemy, and the world is in shambles. 

In adversities like this, there are two actors—winners and losers. Winners are those individuals or organizations that are decisive. They utilize available options such as remote work approach to keep teams productive. 

Rede Consulting sees the urgency to implement viable telecommuting policies. This is to address the looming threat in operation failure and to save valuable dollars. With the management’s decision, the employees quickly adapt and manage their work at home experience very well.

How Employees Transition from Office Setup to Remote Work?

Transitioning from office to remote work is daunting. Especially for those employees who are not used to it. As technology makes working remotely experience possible, adjusting to the setup is challenging.  Here are some tips for working remotely from the employees of Rede Consulting.

“I like the idea of working remotely because I don’t have to deal with the daily traffic. I adapt easily and my routine usually starts at 9 AM. The best tip in working remotely is to have high speed Internet connection and WIFI device.” — ,Sai, Project Manager

“I bought wireless broadband connection. I already have an existing workstation at home, so there is no hassle at all. I am grateful for Rede's decisive actions to this crisis. They have ensured my and my family safety to.” — Pavan Koti, Full Stack Developer

Remote Work and COVID-19: How Employees Remain Productive?

There is no question that technology improves remote work environments. However, how employees remain productive with the current situation is another story. Its important to be healthy and our team shared few tips as follows :

  • Regular Exercise - yoga, cardio, fitness sessions etc

  • Always clock out on time and have regular breaks

  • Prepare priority delivery to-do list in discussion with manager

  • De-mark your working space ( ensure its clutter free, well lit area ) / Avoid bed

  • Good internet connectivity always help

  • Eat your meals on time. Go for easily digestible food like fresh veg's, fruits, seeds etc

  • Bond with your family, play with your kids, listen to good music, catch-up with your friends/relative

Work Remotely: How We Get Things Done

At Rede Consulting, the decision to start working remotely was calculated. Careful considerations took place, and policies were adjusted. The company assessed the technological infrastructure such as the Internet connection and speed, the availability of devices, communication tools, etc.


  1. Ensure teams are provided with uniform tools for : Virtual Meeting, Project Plan, Messaging, Version Control, Video Conferencing and development platform on cloud etc.

  2. Daily and Weekly virtual team meeting time was fixed, in order to keep all team members in sync and updated.

  3. Ensure all team members upload the latest version and update the time sheet

I was happy that the management prioritized their employee’s health and safety before things got worse. To adapt to the changes, I set up a dedicated workstation and I make sure to have a stable connection. I do either yoga or cardio routines early in the morning. I always clock out on time to have time for myself and my family.” — Sonal, ServiceNow Developer

Here are some of the most widely used tools. These resources are especially helpful if you have teams coming from around the globe. 

  1. Slack – Slack is a collaborative messaging app that integrates conversations with tools and services for convenience and efficiency. This messaging app is perfect for streamlining work, letting users share files quickly and easily.

  2. Zoom – Zoom is a cloud-based communication tool geared for fast, easy and convenient video communication. Perfect for video conferences, this software offers multiple collaboration features that make it easier for teams to convene in a more organized and efficient manner.

  3. Microsoft teams – Microsoft Teams allows for hosting conferences internally and with third-party organizations. This communication platform helps you schedule deadlines, take notes, screen-share, upload files, and instant message.

  4. Skype – Skype for Business is a dynamic collaboration tool designed to host online business meetings. This video conferencing app allows you to record meetings, share screens, and annotate PowerPoint presentations.

  5. Google Hangouts – Google Hangouts Meet platform is great for quick on-the-go conference calls. Team members, clients, and outsiders can access the conference call without needing permission or plug-ins.

The Remote Work Revolution

With the COVID-19 crisis, the number of remote workers increased worldwide. However, remote work is not new with the Rede Consulting team. Employees are allowed to work from home even before COVID-19. Thus, the company already established comfortable working conditions among its employees.

When Rede Consulting started in 2019, all the employees were provided with top end laptops instead of desktops. Rede management, emphasizes this decision as a way for the employees to be flexible and mobile. With the current situation, this was a brilliant move.

Rede Consulting management provides direction and confidence, and employees reciprocate it with resiliency. This attribute is the primary reason why we are a good provider of skilled resources despite the current situation.

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