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Connecting Dots

Launch an exhilarating career in ServiceNow with Us.

A chance to transform your world.

Collaborate with a motivated and diverse team on impactful global ServiceNow® projects that are actively shaping the world. Embrace the chance to acquire new skills, develop, and achieve your aspirations.

Get ready to land your dream job



Meet REDE - Where Your Transformation Begins

Join a dynamic team of innovators who are driven by a relentless curiosity and a passion for creativity. Whatever motivates you, become a part of our team for a fulfilling career.

We believe in providing opportunities regardless of your location or background.

Be at the right place at the best time, that is "Now".

Be a part of an ambitious team of change makers who have a restless curiosity and a drive for ingenuity – whatever inspires you, join us for a thriving career. Come become a part of our future-ready workforce!

At Rede Consulting, we offer distinctive chances for advancing your ServiceNow expertise and reaching your professional objectives by taking risks, push boundaries, and grow more than you thought possible.


Whether you seek to enhance your abilities through practical involvement or refine existing skills, seize the opportunity to channel your ideas, imagination, and passion for making a positive impact in your career journey. 

We encourage you to send your updated resume to our hiring team at

Still looking for the right fit? Connect with us!
Whether you want to learn more about ServiceNow, are waiting for the right position to open up, or simply want to receive company updates, take the first step to connect by sending your resume to us at 

Employee Benefits


  • Work From Home: The telecommuting policy is specifically designed to facilitate a seamless balance between work and personal life for our employees.

  • Paid Time Off & Public Holiday: provides paid time off for public holidays, festival holidays and annual leave.

  • Bereavement Leave: We provide associates with the option to take leave to attend to unexpected situations, such as the loss of an immediate family member.

  • Adaptable Work Schedule: There is no strict monitoring of your working hours – the focus is on completing tasks. 

  • Marriage Leaves: are eligible for 5 days’ leave for their marriage to make the special day a memorable event.

Comprehensive Healthcare programs

  • Health Care: We recognize the importance of planning for medical contingencies and extend Health Insurance benefits to all our associates and their immediate dependents, to provide financial coverage during medical emergencies. 

  • Travel Insurance: Whenever employees are representing the company during travel, they are consistently protected by insurance to handle any unforeseen events.

  • Accident Insurance: All our associates are guaranteed coverage under an Accident Insurance policy. In the case of temporary or permanent disability, associates will receive weekly compensation in place of any loss of regular pay.


Financial Wellness

Equity: Ownership stake in the organization - enabling employees to unleash their full potential and get rewarded.

Gratuity: The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 provides monetary benefit to employees who have provided an extended term of service to a single employer. Employees who have completed 4 years and 240 days of continuous service with REDE are eligible for gratuity.

Awards & Rewards: We have an extensive Rewards and Recognition program to appreciate individual or teams for their contribution to organizational success. 

Role Based Incentives: Some roles have a variable pay component. 


Bi-Annual Increments: Members with confirmed status are entitled to receive salary increments twice a year, contingent upon their performance. 


Celebratory Gatherings: The company consistently arranges periodic events and festive gatherings for its employees.

Learning and Development: Employees who successfully pass the ServiceNow Certification exam will be reimbursed for the exam fee by the company.

Retirement Benefits: These benefits include pension plans, gratuity, and superannuation funds who have served for a certain period. 

A Formal Mentorship Program: We implement a formal mentorship program, that helps foster a forward-thinking, goal-oriented work environment. 

REDE endeavors to create a workplace that prioritizes the well-being and
satisfaction of its employees.

Create the future with us

REDE stands out as an excellent workplace, fostering inspiration, providing ongoing growth prospects, encouraging constant innovation, and promoting a healthy work-life balance. At REDE, our goal is to provide more than just a job; we aim to offer new career paths that align with our business, allowing you to unlock your full potential while contributing to the company's growth. We firmly believe that business efficiency is attainable only through the expertise and innovation of our dedicated team.

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