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Hyper-automation is the NEXT wave of automation, where it helps you transform manual repetitive processes by combining the efficiency of robotics, analytics, powerful cognitive process AI.

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      Hyper-automation = RPA + Analytics + Cognitive AI      

The volume and velocity of business data has reached chaotic proportions; fortunately, cognitive technologies are shining a light on the solution. We believe in the disruptive power of knowledge automation. We’re pioneering a new approach to simplify and automate complex business decisions, tasks and processes. Powered by advanced knowledge automation technologies, our forward and backward chaining algorithms enable a new generation of applications that use cognitive assistants to make accurate and effective decisions in real-time and at-scale.

The result? Improved productivity, accuracy and engagement across your enterprise. And your people have more time to focus on engaging, value-added work.

Components Of Hyper - automation.

There are three fundamental types of automation that are of interest to content-centric businesses:

  (1) Robotic Process Automation   

In this kind of automation, clerical/repetitive processes that display rigid patterns and limited boundary conditions such as travel expense, employee on-boarding, quote-to-cash and loan processing. For these processes, RPA delivers substantial improvement in employee productivity, impacts cost and shows a dramatic reduction in error rates. This improves customer satisfaction and eliminates the time and cost associated with rework.

  (2) Analytics                                      

It acts as a catalyst for intelligence when added to RPA. Analytics can discern patterns in structured and unstructured content (emails, chat records, voice files, images and video). Analytics can uncover fraud like fake medical claims, deliver fresh insights to aid decision-making, and provide visibility into content being consumed and its ROI. These influence future investments in the type of content to store and analyze.

  (3) Cognitive Process Automation  

Visualize a system based on a loose set of instructions that is in a constant state of evolution propelled by Machine Learning. The system dynamically adjusts rules to curate and generate complex content. As examples, this would include the automatic creation of financial reporting, legal submissions and regulatory compliance. The key advance here is the acceleration of complex content creation and the ability of the system to answer complex questions (e.g., which customer contract is the best?)


Rede Consulting help businesses understand and determine the different AI solution approaches to choose from to modernize their processes. Our expert team here will help you with the perfect AI technology adoption that suits the needs of your business to accelerate growth and optimize team and individual performance.


Our AI Solutions

Machine learning (ML)
Machine learning technology enables the machines to leverage the ability to self-learn and improve from experience. Our solution helps businesses analyze complicated data, identify patterns and deliver accurate results from a massive volume of data.

Natural language Processing (NLP)
NLP technology enables machines to analyze, understand and interpret human language smartly and take relevant decision based on that understanding. Our NLP solutions help businesses create real-world applications, automatic text summarizations, perform sentiment analysis, topic extraction, named entity recognition, and more.

Natural language generation (NLG)
Our NLG applications help generate narrative data from structured data format. The solution automates the translation process by explaining the key insights derived from the unstructured data. It serves various purposes such as automating financial reports, BI reports, product descriptions, and more.

Computer vision and image processing
The ability of computer vision to apply machine learning to image processing results in highly sophisticated visual applications. The solution can classify, detect, segment, estimate, enhance and restore images.

Speech recognition or Speech to Text (STT)
With a high-end and powerful AI engine, STT solution can identify and transcribe the audio in various formats to provide meaningful analytics.

Decision management
Our AI supported solutions can simplify and automate decision making by utilizing complex and dynamic information to derive smart and intelligent decisions leveraging predictive algorithms.

Virtual agents
Our digital virtual agents can empower your business by delivering consistent and personalized experiences by understanding, analyzing and interpreting human behavior through interactions.

In the months to come, an increasing number of content-centric business processes will begin to examine and adopt CPA for two simple reasons: the data exists and taking advantage of it is just a matter of time; and if CPA is not used, the data will overwhelm entire organizations. Then, consider the benefits: paper savings, productivity gains, improved compliance, faster delivery of products and services to markets and improved revenue. 

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