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Collaboratively Enhancing 
® Experiences.

At REDE Consulting, we thrive as problem solvers and innovators, simplifying the complexities of modern business with ServiceNow® to ensure your success in the digital age.

Strategy and Digital Transformation Advisory

Navigate the intricate path of digital transformation with ease through REDE's Advisory Services. Gain clarity, define your vision, overcome technical and organizational challenges with our expert advisors, ensuring a successful digital transformation journey.


Our advisors guide you through vision workshops, strategic planning, business process analysis, solution architecture & and design, maximizing ROI, product fitment, and roadmap creation for a seamless transition in the digital landscape. 

Advantages and results of advisory services:

  • Advantages and results of advisory services:

  • Establish an impartial and insightful evaluation of the organization's present condition.

  • Develop a ServiceNow plan that harmonizes with the organization's strategy.

  • Offer top-tier technical and procedural advice aimed at attaining the organization's business goals.

  • Deploy a customized ServiceNow solution built upon a comprehension of the organization's business aims.

Implementation and Delivery

Reliable teams with industry expertise drive action-oriented goals, ensuring business success through stakeholder problem-solving, innovative solutions, and compelling user experiences.


Our services include business process improvements, Platform and instance consolidation, program definition and governance, integration, data migration, assessment, process automation and technical implementation.

Advantages and Results of Implementation and Delivery Services:

  • Collaborate with clients to implement ServiceNow solutions that align with organizational strategies.

  • Implement ServiceNow solution development using best practices.

  • Ensure timely and budget-friendly delivery of solutions, minimizing cost overruns.

Custom Application Development

At REDE Consulting, we specialize in customized application development to help businesses achieve their unique goals. Our team of experienced and certified developers will work closely with you to create a customized application that meets your specific needs, from design to deployment i.e.: application management, application development, application modernization, and more.

Engage a Team of Certified & Experienced ServiceNow Experts

This solution guarantees a smooth shift from outdated systems to ServiceNow, revamping procedures and optimizing benefits for your clientele.

  • The Extended ServiceNow Team business model brings instant access to certified ServiceNow resources in a flexible service that adds value to your business.


  • Managed Services helps maintain a robust ServiceNow platform for a reliable transformation journey with our expert team's assistance. Enjoy enhanced ServiceNow platform ROI, upgradeability, performance, and streamlined DevOps practices with our flexible Managed Services. Easily adapt your services to match business needs at any time.

Why Choose REDE?


By working closely with our clients, we deploy solutions that streamline processes and eliminate intricacies. Together, we forge meaningful experiences and achieve exceptional outcomes using ServiceNow, empowering employees to enhance productivity.


We serve some of the most prestigious customers in the world.

  • Leading Japan's IT Consulting Company,

  • Leading Japan's Media Company,

  • Leading APAC Govt. Healthcare org.,

  • EU's largest Insurance Company,

  • EU's largest Telecom Company,

  • EU's largest Automation Firm,

  • US Government Project,

  • US leading IT Consulting Company,

  • US Product Company,

  • US Auto Rental Firm,

  • EMEA Financial Institute,

  • EMEA Petroleum Company,

  • EMEA IT Consulting Company,

  • Developed VMS Product for an APJ firm,

  • Asia's largest Power company,

... to name few.​

Our mission:

is to create a synergy of technology and human creativity.


At REDE Consulting, we recognize the significance of harmonizing with your current ecosystem. This is why we collaborate closely with your team to guarantee a smooth integration process, reducing disturbances and optimizing outcomes. Talk to our solution experts, to discover the advantages of selecting REDE Consulting.

+91-9823.00.5326 (IN)
+33-0748.20.9449 (EU)


  • Pune: 
    102/103, Synagogue Str., Camp,
    Pune, Maharashtra [411 001]


  • Ahmedabad: 
    D002, POSH Sangath IPL, Chandkheda
    Ahmedabad, Gujrat [382 424]

  • France: 
    Dijon, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté,
    France, 21000

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