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Empowering your enterprise with unmatched expertise, agility & ServiceNow®.

Our profound experience in the business and industry, coupled with our comprehensive technical proficiency in ServiceNow® IRM/GRC, ITOM, and, ITAM, positions us to provide enhanced services to our global clients. We strive to assist our clients in transforming their enterprises into environments, where employees thrive, customers flourish, and people are valued.

Our Journey


ServiceNow®: It’s not just what we do; it’s all we do.


REDE's mission is to enhance the working world, making it work better for people.


REDE is at the forefront of driving Digital Transformation with ServiceNow® IRM/GRC, ITOM, and ITAM, leveraging Now AI Intelligence solutions to achieve more productive outcomes.​

Our name, 'Rede' means - 'Advice' in English and 'Network' in Spanish

REDE Consulting was founded by a team of experienced professionals who recognized the need for innovative solutions to the challenges being faced by businesses in the digital age.


Our journey began with a passion for problem-solving and a commitment to helping businesses thrive. Today, we are proud to be a leading technology company, providing cutting-edge ServiceNow® solutions and services to clients across industries. Our team is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve, and we are constantly exploring new technologies and approaches to help our clients succeed.

What you can expect when you work with us: Excellence, Creativity, Integrity, Teamwork.

Simplify Your Life with ServiceNow®

Whether your aim is to enhance the employee experience, optimize IT processes, bolster enterprise security and resilience, or elevate customer service, our team of solution-oriented experts is ready to assist you in reaching your objectives through top-notch solutions.




Our considerable business and industry knowledge, coupled with our profound technical expertise in ServiceNow, enables us to provide enhanced services to our clients.

  • Advisory & Transformation Services

  • Implementation & Development Services

  • Platform & Integrations Solutions

  • Portal, Intranet & Mobile Solutions

  • Security, Risk & Resilience Solutions

  • Compliance Solutions

  • ESG Dashboard and CXO Reports

  • Extended Team Support

  • Technology Excellence Solutions

  • Custom-built Products for Enterprises

What We Do

Address Business Challenges Using the Strength of ServiceNow®.

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