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Why ServiceNow ITAM is considered a great asset.

ServiceNow is considered a great IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution due to several key features:

Single System of Record: ServiceNow provides a single platform to manage all your hardware, software, and cloud IT assets.

Automation: It automates every stage of the IT asset lifecycle at scale, controlling costs and minimizing licensing and leasing risks.

Insights: The platform offers insights into IT asset costs, usage, and compliance with AI and native intelligence.

Scalability: ITAM groups key applications and capabilities into packages that can scale with you as your needs change.

Software, Hardware, and Cloud Management: ServiceNow ITAM is designed to ensure successful deployment and ongoing support of IT assets, including software, hardware, and cloud resources.

Compliance with ISO Standardization (ISO) standards: ServiceNow ITAM aligns with the International Standards Organization (ISO) standard for ITAM: ISO 197702.

Smart Workflows and Powerful Analytics: ServiceNow ITAM enables organizations to automate multiple processes together using a graphical workflow engine to recreate workflows. It also has a powerful reporting engine that makes it easy to access and analyze any piece of information by any authorized person.

Vendor Optimization: ServiceNow ITAM helps in optimizing vendor relationships.

By integrating these features, ServiceNow ITAM helps organizations optimize costs, reduce risk, and automate workflows, thereby improving decision making and asset utilization.

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