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Barriers to undertaking a certification

Professionals who don't hold a certification and are not working towards one what they consider to be the barriers to undertaking a certification.

  • They are not a requirement for my role 47%

  • Cost implications 34%

  • I believe that experience with ServiceNow is more important 29%

  • Time commitment involved in studying 26%

  • Lack of support from my employer 19%

  • I don't know where to start or which path to take 10%

  • Now is not the right time to undertake a certification 8%

  • Lack of/poor training materials available 5%

  • Other 5%

How does gaining a Certification Impact your salary?

34% - believe their salary has increased since gaining a certification

65% - haven't noticed a change in their salary since gaining a certification

29% - those that reported earning a salary increase post-certification received an average raise

Are employers contributing towards the cost of Certifications?

  • 66% said: Yes, they paid in full for my certifications

  • 05% said: Yes, they partially paid for my certifications 5%

  • 03% said: Yes, they fully paid for some certifications and partially paid for others 3%

  • 21% said: No, I paid for my certifications

  • 05% - Other

‘Other’ responses include getting a free certification voucher from ServiceNow.

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