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Certified Application Developer (CAD)

The Certified Application Developer (CAD) certification covers your ability to design applications, including the user interface, using business and database logic. You should understand how to write, test and debug client-side and server-side scripts, manage applications, implement application security and automate applications using multiple products. Successful CAD candidates can also design and implement a user interface while taking into account requirements, usability, form, design, platforms and scripts.

The CAD exam consists of 60 questions that focus on six specific learning domains that each account for a certain percentage of the exam. These include :

  1. design and creating an application (15%),

  2. application user interface (20%),

  3. security and restricting access (20%),

  4. application automation (20%),

  5. working with external data (10%) and

  6. managing applications (15%).

Audience: ServiceNow customers, partners, sales engineers and anyone else interested in earning this level of certification

Product certifications: All products

Prerequisites: None are required, but it’s suggested you become a Certified ServiceNow System Administrator. It’s also recommended that you have hands-on experience with application development and systems administration.

Recommended courses: Courses are not required, but it’s recommended you take ServiceNow Fundamentals, Scripting in ServiceNow and ServiceNow Application Creation.

  • Duration: 90-minute exam

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