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Components of a low-code platform!!

(a) Continuous Integration

DevOps: Out-of-the-box

Merge model changes into a version control repository upon task completion. Committing changes triggers the automated build system to grab the latest version from the repository, build, test, and validate the master branch before deploying.

(b) Reusability

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but your app could be

Reusability makes it easy for developers to ramp from one project to another with ease, isolate problems and resolve them quickly for all apps using a component and increase application portfolio quality.

(c) Omni-channel App Development

Build one code base for all devices

Rather than support independent code and tooling for each incompatible target, developers are looking for ways to unify development activities and serve many targets from a single, modular code base.

(d) Openness and Extensibility

Fast integrations, complete control

Responsive development environments support building for any form factor without having to maintain dedicated code or logic. Package and deploy applications in one-click using cloud native architectures and integrated tools for app store publication.

(e) Guaranteed Performance

Go fast without worrying about risk

Built-in automated testing, proactive quality monitoring, and real-time performance management.

(f) Smart and Connected

Access next generation technologies

Connect to IoT, AI, machine learning, blockchain, and cognitive services without needing to be a domain expert.

(g) Deployment

Deploy to the cloud of your choice with just one click

Take advantage of a public cloud that automatically manages application reliability and scalability with simple configuration, reducing cost and effort to maintain infrastructure. Or deploy to a private cloud or on premises for total control.

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