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ServiceNow Orchestration overview

ServiceNow Orchestration overview and the features & benefits using ServiceNow orchestration

The IT industry is unable to attain maximum productivity due to the time that they are spending on manual tasks that could be automated. Besides driving innovation, IT is stuck with things such as storage provisioning, virtual machine provisioning, password resets, data or file transfers, Active Directory administration, storage administration, software installations, and a lot more other. There have been many attempts to automate these kinds of tasks by experimenting with the multiple automation tools, but they have fallen back to the same place again which is the manual method.

Manual tasking has become a hindrance to the IT and stopping it from reaching its full potentiality and impedes agility. Here comes the ServiceNow Orchestration to transform the IT to the next level with its unmatched capabilities.

ServiceNow Orchestration Overview

ServiceNow Orchestration is an advanced system that automates the simple and complex tasks on remote servers, applications hardware, and servers. It makes sure that the automation is repeatable, meets compliance and security levels. This ServiceNow Orchestration solution has been designed to add great value to the turnkey applications and power the IT.

Orchestration’s activity designer allows the IT to build a reusable library of activities without any need to write a single line of code.

Features of ServiceNow Orchestrations

(a) Immediate and Measurable:

Using ServiceNow orchestration organizations can reap the value from the very first day of its implementation. ServiceNow Orchestration comes with an ROI calculator which is built on ServiceNow cost management. It tracks the ROI of every automated task and also projects the benefits and ROI for the tasks that could be automated, thus it helps IT teams to prioritize automation.

(b) Single platform for Workflow and Orchestration:

ServiceNow advanced extension workflow, Orchestration extensively binds both automation and human platform on a single platform. Automations are designed in such a way that they can easily be converted into human tasks when required. Using ServiceNow Orchestration IT can extend services outside the ServiceNow environment.

(c) Orchestration Activities and Applications:

Activities in Orchestration are the building blocks of Orchestration. Each activity is unique and performs a unique task in a multi-step process. Orchestration includes pre-built activities that are commonly found in cloud and data centers and interact with systems. Customers can use activity templates and codeless activity designer to develop rapid orchestration activities that are easily moved between instances, centrally edited, and rescued in multiple automation cases.

(d) Password Reset Application:

Password reset drastically lowers the number of IT service requests by allowing end-users to change their own passcodes with the help of automation and self-service. This application brings the same password rest experience with the typical internet application to the Enterprise IT and extensible to verification methods and custom credential stores.

(e) Client Software Distribution Application:

Client Software Distribution helps the users to get client software from a service catalogue and automates the major tasks and key processes associated with software distribution to laptop and desktop computers. This application allows seamless integration with ServiceNow IT Asset Management, ServiceNow’s catalogue and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.

Now Platform

It acts as comprehensive application development for the entire organization. Orchestration has got all the capabilities of interconnected processes and single platform and ServiceNow Configuration Management Database. (CMDB). Now platform enables the users to develop Orchestration applications, integrate services, automate technology stacks, audit trails, and standards, IT projects and remediation.

Benefits of ServiceNow Orchestration:

Following are the benefits that an organization can get from deploying ServiceNow Orchestration:

(1) Increase agility:

Speed problem resolution, Improve operational IT efficiencies and increase service availability all this comes by automating the repetitive and error-prone tasks to deliver fast and predictable results.

(2) Accelerate time to value:

Organizations can quickly realize the value from the Orchestrations’ workflow designer, activity templates, a library of pre-built orchestration activities, ready-to-use orchestration applications, and codeless activity designer, and native integration with ServiceNow enterprise IT cloud.

(3) Measure and grow value:

You can measure the immediate benefits arising out of using ServiceNow orchestration with an inbuilt ROI calculator. You can also find the essential areas where automation is needed on a priority basis.

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