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What are the major advantages of Automation Frameworks for Enterprises?

Cost-Effective Benefits

  • Helps reduce time-to-market as it delivers continuous execution of automated test scripts

  • Ensures enhanced scalability

  • Reduces operational costs

  • Delivers faster and quality products for launch

  • These frameworks ensure higher test performance over manual testing

  • Though initial costs are high but lowers overall maintenance costs

  • These automation frameworks become reusable and brings in cost-effectiveness as they can be used for similar testing needs in the future with the same test scripts

  • Delivers comprehensive defect management reports

Application-Efficiency Benefits

  • Identifies defects early with effective detection of bugs and issues

  • Ensures maximum test coverage as end-to-end automation testing frameworks are used

  • Reduces manual efforts as tests are fully automated and need less manual intervention

  • Most significant usage is with respect to code reusability

  • Delivers greater efficiency as testing time consumed is reduced

  • Automated scripts save lot of QA time and ensures quality is maintained and delivered

  • Automated tests can run anytime, anywhere as the system runs them automatically

  • Bug tracking reports deliver comprehensive reporting that is useful to DevOps teams

  • With agile and DevOps, and continuous deployment, test automation and continuous integration is the key and pre-requisite to ensures continuous testing is achieved

What are the advantages enterprises get with Cloud test automation frameworks?

  • Delivers real-time communication

  • Facility to access data and resources anytime/anywhere

  • Supports parallel testing across various platforms, OS and environments eases testing process

  • No need of any upfront costs

  • Ensures faster time to market

  • Delivers cost effectiveness

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